A Circuit-Switching World

Felix gazed out the window, admiring the lighting cast upon New York City by the copper wiring strung like Christmas lights over everything. Neocities.

These wires were, of course, part of the vast system that made up the world network.

Everyone knew that New York City was the central hub for the Northeast. This made the city glow with all the incoming wires.

While the view of Copper City would never get old, Felix had work to do; money to make.

He sat down at his computer and logged onto a system he had created a few years ago called "Leech"

As soon as he opened it, numbers and figures flashed before his eyes

He entered a few passwords to bypass his internal protection, and then more passwords to bypass some external protections. From here, he was given a list of connections that would allow him to connect to his physical leech. He selected one that only relied on four nodes running through Brooklyn; a faster connection than others would be.

Felix typed faster and faster and more numbers flew past his face

He finally reached his Leech, and saw it was running at full capacity. He enabled the "sift" mechanism and scrolled through the options this gave him. He saw:

  • Famous celebrities
  • Politicians
  • Notable figures or events around the world
  • Most of these options were merely people talking about these, but Felix had a trained eye. After 15 minutes he found something that would suit his intentions perfectly.

    It was the name of a notable Senator. A New York Senator. A message being sent to a Congresswoman...one rumored to have relations with this Senator.

    Felix switched his Leech to "extract."

    The package arrived almost immediately to his computer, fast download speed being a perk of a circuit switching world

    Felix read through this package and smiled. It seemed like the rumors are true

    a shame that both of them are married

    This did little to stop Felix. He switched onto an illicit marketplace and uploaded his file and set his starting price for $10,000. Then he leaned back in his chair and waited. Less than a minute later his computer pinged and the sale was finalized. He was prevented from seeing who purchased his good, but he knew who it was

    It was always the same people

    On the TV behind him, there appeared a new headline:

    Senator Williams and Congresswoman Reynolds Confirmed Affair, Recent Email Shows.